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The Best Things About Los Angeles February 5, 2007

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  • Matzo ball soup with noodles at Canter’s on Fairfax
  • Cupcakes from Sprinkles on Little Santa Monica
  • Macaroni and cheese and cornbread from Marie Callendar’s on Wilshire
  • Pasta carbonara from Bossa Nova on Sunset
  • Sandwiches from Cow’s End on Washington in Venice/Marina Del Rey
  • Martinis (especially the PMP and Clockwork Orange) from Lola’s on Fairfax
  • The rolls they serve at C&O Trattoria (either location)
  • Hot dogs from Pink’s (although I can only do it like once a year)
  • Doughnuts from Bob’s Doughnuts and pizza from Patsy’s in the Farmers Market
  • Pepperoni pizza from Big Mama’s & Papa’s on Martel
  • The Carol C special at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles
  • Red velvet cake from Doughboy’s on 3rd


  • Sitting in Hancock Park on a nice day
  • The beach in Marina Del Rey
  • Beach in Santa Monica


  •  The Grove!  (Especially the Barnes & Noble and Duck Soup)
  • The Traveler’s Bookcase, The Cook’s Library and the Second Stone Age on 3rd Street
  • Pulp and Illiterature on LaBrea
  • 3rd Street Promenade
  • Westfield Century City on a nice day (be sure to stop by Crabtree & Evelyn and tell them I say hi!)
  • Amoeba Music


  • When it’s a really, really beautiful day
  • The beaches
  • Getting to see the Hollywood sign everyday

One Response to “The Best Things About Los Angeles”

  1. Monica Says:

    Hi Megan,

    I agree that Sprinkles’ cupcakes and the Red Velvet cake at Dough Boys are fiercely delicious. I actuallly only recently tried the Red Velvet cake at Dough Boys thinking before then that nothing could stack up to Sprinkles’ red velvet cupcake, but Sprinkles was chellenged! The Dough Boys cake comes darn close if not equal! Ahh, it’s the simple pleasures in life that make it great….


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