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Celebrity Schmelebrity February 23, 2007

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I work for a company that makes their money off of the lives of celebrities.  Sometimes it all feels a little ridiculous, but at the end of the day, I don’t feel sorry for too many of the “celebrities” out there.

Everytime I hear some actor or actress complaining about being photographed, I roll my eyes.  Yes, the paparazzi go above and beyond to snap a photo of some famous person and a club or picking their nose or with their kids.  But it’s a matter of supply and demand, folks.  People want to see photos like that, people want to be a part of a lifestyle they will never experience for themselves.  If there wasn’t such a demand for it all, photographers would leave these people alone.

What really gets me is when they act like they haven’t brought this on themselves.  You want to be a movie star?  You want to make millions for a movie?  Then suck it up.  The President of the United States gets photographed everywhere he goes, it’s comes with the job.  But he doesn’t hold a press conference and cry boo-hoo because someone snapped him coming out of CVS (okay, he probably doesn’t go to CVS, but you see my point).  You get swamped by fans?  Those fans are the people who buy your CD or go see your movie.  Maybe they’re crazy, but you’re a little crazy too for getting into this business.

 This has been happening since the beginning of time.  People are fascinated by the lives of famous people.  But what separates the early Hollywood from the present Hollywood as far as scandal is that today’s celebrities have no problem bearing all.  Drug and alcohol problems seem hip in today’s society.  You don’t want to get all the attention?  Wear some underpants or a skirt that can cover up your “area.”

This is a hastily written rant, but my feeling is this.  Give me several million a year and I will pose for photographers all day.


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