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In Reference to… May 1, 2007

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…the backlash over the NBC affiliate cameraman who flew a Mexican flag while shooting a rally supporting illegal immigrants in Houston, Texas.  Y’all need to calm down.

He was captured on home video (which was posted on YouTube).  Counter-protesters were enraged by his actions, and I can’t wait for someone to make an even bigger deal about this.

According to the news director at the station, the cameraman’s flying of the Mexican flag “violates our policy, because we’re always objective observers of these situations.  We don’t take sides in news stories; we cover them. That policy was clearly violated.”  The cameraman, who has been with the station for five years, was disciplined, though details of this were not disclosed.

While the cameraman does work for a news media organization, he is also an American citizen, which guarantees him the right to free speech.  Just because that bothers a slew of conservatives (who by expressing their anger are taking advantage of the same right) doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Did he interview himself on camera sporting an “I Love Immigrants” t-shirt?  No.  My view on the whole thing is that regardless of what he was flying, he was capturing a news story on tape.  Everything you wear on your body or carry on your person make a statement.

I hope he didn’t eat a Hershey Bar — he could be taking a stance on free trade!  I hope he wasn’t wearing anything from Wal-Mart — another issue people could get up-in-arms about.  Did he drive a fuel-efficient car to get to the rally?

Apparently yet again we are supposed to be thinking in terms of black and white.  Who needs a gray area after all?

Look at the screen capture and you tell me what you think…

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  1. Vanessa Ortiz Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Very refreshing viewpoint. Keep up the good work, Meg!

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