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A “Perfect Day” of Los Angeles Hiking June 21, 2007

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   One of the best things about Los Angeles is that among the

  skyscrapers and shopping malls and apartment buildings, there are

  beautiful areas of nature, just ready for exploring.  And what better way

  to do this than a hike?  There are a plethora of options, but I’ve made a

  day out of two of my favorites, as discussed below.

    Start your day off the right way with Runyon Canyon.  I suggest you

  enter at the gate on Vista – you’ll have a steep incline, but the hike

  down will be a lot easier.  Hike up .7 miles or so and check out a killer

  view of the Los Angeles skyline.  On a clear day you can see from

  downtown to Santa Monica, including a killer view of the Hollywood sign.

    You can either go a bit farther, doing the entire loop, or head down the

  other side.  You’ll go down a flight of makeshift stairs, but be careful

  doing so.  It’s easy to slip, even with the railing nearby.  You will be at

  Inspiration Point, which provides another great view of the city.  Follow

  the trail back down (about 2.5 miles total) and you’ll end up right where

  you started from.

    Just a note: Runyon Canyon is a dog park, so if dogs make you

  nervous, perhaps this isn’t the best option for you.  There are areas

  where the pets have to be on leashes, but there are areas where they

  can be off, too.  Most dogs are extremely friendly (and their owners,

  too), so there is really nothing to worry about, but just a heads up.

    After you’re done with Runyon Canyon, stop by a grocery store and pick

  up some food for a picnic.  A great nearby option is Bristol Farms, which

  has delicious ready-made foods like sandwiches and pasta salad.  There

  is also a Ralph’s in the vicinity as well.

    You can take Sunset Boulevard west to Will Rogers State Park.  This is

  the former family ranch and estate of the late cowboy humorist.  Have

  your picnic in the area by the polo fields.  If you’re at the park on a

  Saturday, it’s more than likely you can watch a match on the fields once

  gallivanted upon by Walt Disney, Gary Cooper and Rogers himself.

    After your lunch take the Inspiration Point trail (Los Angeles is quite

  inspiring), the most popular hike in the park, a three mile loop.  This

  also has a fabulous payoff view of the Pacific Coast and Westside of Los


    After the two hikes, you will more than likely be exhausted and will be

  relieved to return to your hotel room/studio apartment/Malibu mansion. 

  But if you’re feeling inspired, head over to a Barnes & Noble and pick up

  either Day Hikes Around Los Angeles (by Robert Stone) or Hollywood

  Escapes (by Harry Medved and Bruce Akiyama).  Both are excellent

  resources for outdoor excursion ideas and can help you plan more

  perfect hiking days of your own.


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