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The Beginning of the End June 21, 2007

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    This is old news now, but I’m still a little bent out of shape over

  the random demise of Premiere Magazine.  Its last issue was in April, 

  and I miss it.  It was an intelligent magazine for film lovers, a breath of

  fresh air in a marketplace saturated by People-esque publications.


    The magazine was launched by Susan Lyne (now CEO of Martha

  Stewart Omni), who ran it for eight years (1987-1995).  After Lyne’s

  departure two other editors (Chris Connelly and Nancy Griffin) resigned

  over “editorial interference.”  According to reports, columnist Corie

  Brown allegedly “spiked” a “California Suite” piece about business deals

  between Sylvester Stallone and Planet Hollywood.  The restaurant chain

  had venture plans at the time with Ron Perelman, the owner of  

  Premiere.  Insiders say the publication was never the same after that.


    According to articles, the paid circulation of Premiere has

  declined slowly over the years.  There were 616,089 subscribers in 1995

  and only 492,498 at the end of last year.  The rate of page ad sales (the

  bread and butter of any media outlet) declined by 24.7%.


    Society seems to reward the mainstream, and Premiere just didn’t fit

  in, though it seemed to try in later years.  I guess the majority of the

  magazine buying public wants more celebrity gossip.  Out Martin

  Scorsese and in with Cameron Diaz.  Another major thing to keep in

  mind is that the internet is taking over everything, and the majority of

  people get their information online instead of in a monthly magazine, so

  keeping an operation like Premiere going gets costlier and costlier.

  (Premiere will continue to be available online.)  You can get all of your

  information online – trailers, showtimes, gossip, reviews, etc – so why

  pay to get it delivered to you via “snail mail.”


    But to add insult to injury is what the remaining subscribers were stuck

  with.  Apparently the subscription list was sold and we are all now

  subscribers to US Weekly.  The cover story this week is about the feud

  between Britney Spears and her mother.  The only film covered in the

  magazine is what people wore to the premiere.  It might as well be

  retitled Brad, Angelina, Paris, Nicole & Britney Weekly, the latter three’s

  contributions to the entertainment industry being questionable.


    The bottom line is that media responds to demand.  The American

  public isn’t stupid and uncultured; I wish it would stop acting like it was. 


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